Minimalism or being a minimalist is a lifestyle of employing only the necessary things to function as a human being. This is a very interesting concept that has become really famous in the last decade especially since the release of the Netflix documentary ‘Minimalism’.

Minimalism Netflix Documentary Poster
Minimalism Netflix Documentary Poster
Netflix Documentary-Minimalism

Even the Director of the movie is a real-life minimalist and Youtuber named Matt D’Avella.

No, wait! This is not a Netflix review article. So, let’s discuss design.

Now, observe the poster carefully. See the background (the sky, grass and the street) and how the title and sub-text are placed at the top, explaining the context…

Have you ever felt astounded to see your LinkedIn or Instagram explore feed filled with Design related articles and most of them talking about the importance of storytelling? So, what is Storytelling actually? Should you just start bysaying:

Once upon a time in the fairyland of Titan, a purple-skinned monster named Thanos was born…wait, what? No, not like this!

So what do designer mentors actually mean when they advise you to compel the users with powerful empathetic storytelling. Well, in simple words, it means that as a designer you must use essential skills like empathy to prepare a story targeted…

Shivam Arora

I am a UX Designer currently working in an Edtech Startup. This is my way of journalling my design journey as I learn.

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